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Programme und Geräte zur Experimentalsteuerung,
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Spezielle Geräte zur Darbietung von psychologischen oder physiologischen Reizen

Visuelle Stimulation

Shutters von DisplayTech
Shutters are used in applications where light must be rapidly switched on/off or where the polarization state of light needs to be switched. They are suited for stereo vision and image capture (freeze-frame).

Special Hardware for Stereopsis von Vision Research Graphics
Vision Research Graphics offers liquid-crystal shutter glasses and a stereo driver box.

fMRI Visual System von NordicNeuroLab
NordicNeuroLab’s VisualSystem is a flexible and convenient solution for presenting visual stimuli in the MR scanner. With sharp images and brilliant colors, the VisualSystem allows the user to easily present high-quality graphics or text to the patient. The VisualSystem connects to standard PC graphics cards and has separate channels for each eye. Using frame sequential presentation, true 3D and stereo stimuli can be displayed. The EyeTracking Camera, which is integrated into the VisualSystem and available as an optional add-on feature, provides the necessary hardware to produce a video of the subject’s eye in an MR environment.

Visual Stimulators, Display Calibration Equipment, Stereo Goggles & Monitors und BARCO Reference Monitor and BOLDscreen von Cambridge Research Systems
OptiCAL photometer measures all the necessary photometric values for each phosphor, calculates the transfer function, and produces individual RGB gamma correction look-up tables.
ColorCAL colorimeter is a high performance colorimeter made to our specifications by Minolta in Japan. It has an easy to use USB interface.
The FE-1 shutter goggle design utilises ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) technology. This provides: 100 µs switching times, 3-log unit contrast ratio, 25% open shutter transmission. The LC-1 glasses are designed for use with the FE-1 goggles and will allow you to observe a subject during a test.
The Multisync Clinton Monoray monitor is a high-resolution display that has a DP104 type fast-phosphor CRT. It is an ideal partner for the fast switching FE-1 Goggles and produces almost zero cross-talk in alternate frame stereoscopic presentations.
The Fixed-Frequency Clinton Monoray monitor is a 200 Hz VGA display that has a DP104 type fast-phosphor CRT. It is an ideal partner for the fast switching FE-1 Goggles and produces almost zero cross-talk in alternate frame stereoscopic presentations.
The BOLDscreen is a MRI-compatible LCD monitor which offers high brightness, high contrast and unparallelled stimulus control. It is ideal for visual stimulation and patient entertainment.

ColorBlind ColorMatic, ColorBlind Edit, ColorBlind Professional, ColorBlind ProveIt! von ColorBlind
ColorBlind ColorMatic for Windows creates quality custom ICC profiles in both RGB and CMYK formats.
ColorBlind Edit is an application that utilizes ICC device profiles for viewing and editing profiles. Now available for Mac OS X!
ColorBlind Professional creates custom profiles for all image capture and output devices. Scanners, cameras, monitors, proofing systems, printing presses, and more.
ColorBlind ProveIt! provides a simple but effecctive method to calibrate and build ICC ColorSync display profile for any monitor by any manufacturer.

Brainard, D. H., Pelli, D. G., & Robson, T. (2002). Display characterization. In J. P. Hornak (ed.) Encyclopedia of Imaging Science and Technology, p. 172-188. New York: Wiley. Zu beziehen bei oder

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Head Mounted Displays (HMD) von Jerry Isdale's VR Page

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International Color Consortium (ICC)

Auditive Stimulation

Binaural Stimulus Presentation System von Tucker-Davis Technologies
The Binaural Stimulus Presentation System was designed to allow researchers to integrate TDT's powerful stimulus generation hardware and software with external hardware from other vendors. Applications include stimulus presentation with other data acquisition systems and stimulus presentation for fMRI.

Acoustical Walls von Tectum
Tectum provides wall panels, ceiling panels, or an acoustical roof deck. Tectum panels and systems are cost effective and require little maintenance. They are available in natural, white or custom-painted finishes, and are field-paintable up to six times.

Audiometriekabinen und -räume von International Acoustics Systems (IAC)
IAC bietet Audiometriekabinen und -räume für Mediziner und Psychologen.

Akustische Systeme von Illbruck Acoustics
Illbruck Acoustic GmbH verfügt seit mehr als vier Jahrzenten über umfangreiche Erfahrungen mit akustischen Erzeugnissen und Lärmschutzprodukten. Diese reichen von akustischen Deckenelementen aus Metall über Lösungen für den industriellen Schallschutz bis zu Bürosystemen in ansprechendem Design.

Kommunikations- und Antischallsysteme für die Kernspintomografie von MR Confon
MR Confon bietet Kommunikations- und Antischallsysteme für die Kernspintomografie.

fMRI-Compatible Insert Earphones von Sensimetrics Corporation
The S14 fMRI-Compatible Insert Earphones are designed to provide both high-quality acoustic stimulation and hearing protection from scanner noise. They are small enough to fit within any headcoil, and can be covered with circumaural muffs for added protection if the coil allows.
Use with COMPLY Standard noise isolating foam replacement tips from COMPLY.

MRI Pneumatic Headphones von Scan Sound

fMRI Audio System von NordicNeuroLab
NordicNeuroLab’s Audio System consists of high-quality headphones and a user-friendly communication console. With state-of-the-art electrostatic transducers, the headphones give a superbly detailed sound, replicating even minute details with incredible precision. Designed specifically for fMRI, the headphones offer flexible solutions for patient hearing protection, as well as for patient communication. Using the best quality components to ensure high performance, the system offers a flat frequency response from 8Hz to 35kHz and a noise attenuation of +30dB.

Taktile Stimulation

Pneumatic Stimulator von James Long Company
The Pneumatic Stimulator presents air puff or moving diaphram somatosensory stimuli. It may also present air puff olfactory stimuli. You may select among a set of different smells.

Peripheral Stimulators von Digitimer
The Digitimer High Voltage Stimulator model DS7A (up to 100mA) and DS7AH (up to 1A) provide constant current, high voltage pulses of brief duration for percutaneous stimulation during investigation of the electrical activity of human nerve and muscle tissue. These stimulators are MDD compliant for clinical use within the European Community.

CHEPS von Cephalon
CHEPS – Contact Heat-Evoked Potential Stimulator is a revolutionary, computerized thermal stimulator designed for advanced pain research, providing added value in the investigation of human nociceptive pathways. CHEPS opens up new exciting possibilities in the pain research field.

Haptische Stimulation

PHANTOM von SensAble Technologies
The PHANTOM product line of haptic devices makes it possible for users to touch and manipulate virtual objects. Different models in the PHANTOM product line meet the varying needs of both research and commercial customers.

3D Interaction von Immersion
Immersion 3D Interaction (formerly known as Virtual Technologies, Inc.) is a leading developer of force-feedback and real-time 3D-interaction technologies for mechanical-CAD evaluation, simulation-based training and 3D e-commerce. Other applications include virtual reality, telerobotics and ergonomic design.

Freedom 6S von MPB Communications
Freedom 6S is a high fidelity force feedback device with 6 degrees of freedom (x,y,z and roll, pitch, yaw). It provides the user with a realistic sense of touch linking the virtual world to the real world.

Olfaktorische Stimulation

Pneumatic Stimulator von James Long Company
The Pneumatic Stimulator presents air puff or moving diaphram somatosensory stimuli. It may also present air puff olfactory stimuli. You may select among a set of different smells.

Olfaktometer und Sniffing Sticks von Burghart Messtechnik
Die Burghart-Olfaktometer leiten der Versuchsperson dauernd einen nicht riechenden Luftstrom in die Nase. Dieser ist auf Körpertemperatur erwärmt und auf >60% rel. F. angefeuchtet, um thermische Reizung und Austrocknung der Nasenschleimhaut zu verhindern.
Die Sniffin’-Sticks-Riechtest-Sets enthalten Stiftkörper, wie sie sonst z.B. für Stifte zum Schreiben auf Flip-Charts verwendet werden. Die Sniffin’ Sticks sind jedoch mit Duftstoffen statt mit Tinte befüllt.

OLFACT TEST BATTERY von Osmic Enterprises
These easy-to-use, computerized, self-administered instruments are employed by both scientists and physicans to assess olfactory function and acuity*.  They are designed to assess an individual’s ability to identify and discriminate between odors, and to measure their odor detection threshold and odor memory.  The automated interface offers a distinct advantage over older manual legacy systems by reducing administrator time and producing standard reports and graphs for immediate reference.

Gustatorische Stimulation

Gustometer und Taste Strips von Burghart Messtechnik
Mit dem Gustometer GU 002 kann der Geschmackssinn mit wässrigen Lösungen objektiv untersucht werden.
Die „Schmeckstreifen/TasteStrips” sind ein validiertes Untersuchungsverfahren zur Bestimmung des Schmeckvermögens.

Transkraniale magnetische Stimulation (TMS)

Brainsight Frameless von Rogue Research
Brainsight Frameless has proven to be indispensable in the field of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Brainsight Frameless brings the power of "frameless stereotaxy" to TMS, allowing operator to use MR images of the subject as a real time guide to position the TMS coil over the desired location. This innovative procedure is referred to as Image-Guided TMS.

BrainVoyager TMS von Brain Innovation
BrainVoyager TMS Neuronavigator is a hardware and software system enabling a precise and individual navigation of a TMS coil above a specific anatomical area of the brain, as well as an imaging-guided navigation of the TMS coil to functionally defined brain regions-of-interest. The system contains the BrainVoyager QX software package, a special neuronavigation software module and the digitizer hardware.

Magstim und Visor Neuronavigation von magstim
BrThe Magstim range of non-invasive magnetic stimulation systems provide a variety of high quality solutions to researchers working within Neurology, Neuroscience, Psychiatry and Rehabilitation.
The Visor navigation system provides a complete set of highly sophisticated tools for image-guided TMS in clinical and cognitive research.

Transkraniale elektrische Stimulation

Cortical Stimulator von Digitimer
The D185 Cortical Stimulator is a high power constant voltage stimulator specifically designed for generation of motor evoked potentials in a surgical environment. Transcranial electrical motor evoked potentials offer a new and more reliable method of monitoring spinal cord health during risky surgical procedures.

DC Stimulator (HDCkit) von magstim
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) involves applying weak electrical currents to the head, to generate an electric field which modulates the activity of neurons. tDCS is known to selectively modulate neuronal excitability and can be used in conjunction with fMRI, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) or centrally acting drugs.

tDCS von NeuroConn
NeuroConn bietet verschiedene Stimulatoren für transkraniale DC Stimualtion an. Die beiden einkanaligen Varianten DC-STIMULATOR und DC-STIMULATOR PLUS decken alle Anforderungen für transkranielle Stimulation ab. Der DC_STIMULATOR MR ein (f)MRT-fähiger Stimulator. Der DC-STIMULATOR MC bietet bis zu 16 Kanäle, die über PC programmierbar sind und eröffnet völlig neue Anwendungsmöglichkeiten.


Kinnstütze von NovaVision
Diese Kinnstütze wurde für den Einsatz bei der Diagnostik und bei der Therapie visueller Funktionen entwickelt. Sie wird in der Ambulanz, der Klinik oder für das Heimtraining verwendet. Ihre leichte Bauweise und ihre einfache Handhabung ermöglichen die Anwendung in verschiedensten Situationen, in denen eine stabile Kopfhaltung unerlässlich ist.

UHCOTech HeadSpot von University of Houston - College of Optometry
The UHCOTech HeadSpot is a general purpose device built for observer position establishment in psychophysical experiments in vision science. Several have been built and issued to research faculty and graduate students in our college, for a wide variety of vision experiments.

Sehen Sie auch Geräte zur Reaktionsmessung!


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