EEG-Systeme, EEG-Verstärker

ActiveTwo von BioSemi
The ActiveTwo system sets new standards for multi channel, high resolution biopotential measurement systems for research applications. By placing active electronics within millimeters of the actual electrode contact, ActiveTwo virtually eliminates the need to prepare the scalp before applying electrodes. This can cut measurement preparation time by an estimated 15 -30 minutes for most laboratories! Active Two is suitable for EEG, ECG as well as EMG measurements.

asa-lab und Cognitrace von Advanced Neuro Technology (ANT)
asa-lab is an EEG/ERP recording system that can be configured with 24 to 256 channels. The amplifiers rely on a novel concept with very high input impedance and thus provide stable and noise-insensitive signals. This together with the WaveGuard electrode system guarantees signal quality.
Cognitrace applies dedicated recording hardware and analysis protocols for EEG and evoked potential (EP) data. Topographical maps of the spectral power of EEG and the event-related brain responses are linked with statistical information available for age-matched reference groups to gain objective data that help differentiating psychiatric from neurological cases.

BIOAMPS von SA Instrumentation Company
With BIOAMPS, successful physiological data acquisition can be achieved in most any environment without the use of a shielded "screen room". BIOAMPS are powered by 6 or 9V or circulating-rechargeable batteries, depending on the model and number of channels.

Bioamplifiers von UFI
UFI has a complete line of versatile Signal Conditioners to meet most biological and physiological needs.

BrainAmp und BrainAmp MR von Brain Products
BrainAmp is a highly sophisticated amplifier system with 32 to 128 channels designed for the recording of electrophysiological signals such as EEGs, EMGs, EOGs, and evoked potentials (including SEPs) in clinical research.
BrainAmp MR is a compact, shielded, non-magnetic, battery-operated amplifier which has been designed for use directly in MRI scanners. Neurophysiological signals are amplified in the detector head, converted to digital signals, and transmitted from the acquisition room to the PC via optical fibers. The result is a top quality signal with minimum dissipation.

EPA-6 von Sensorium
The EPA-6 EEG/ERP is an analog differential input 64 channel electro-physiology amplifier designed to measure EEG/ERP, field potentials, and single units. The at a glance electrode resistance measurement system vastly reduces subject preparation time. Typically with this system, the prep time for 128 channels is less than 25 minutes.

Net Amps von Electrical Geodesics (EGI)
The Net Amps is an integrated array of low-noise amplifiers designed specifically for dense sensor array (64-, 128- and 256-channel) electroencephalographic recording of human brain electrical activity.

Neurofax und Neurofax µ von NihonKohden
Neurofax (EEG1100) is the world's first 192 channel simultaneous sampling EEG with 64 channel display capability. Excellent performance for routine EEG exam rooms as well as epilepsy centers, sleep labs and research facilities.
Neurofax µ (micro) is a Windows 2000 notebook PC based EEG with high performance and expandability with optional hardware and software. Neurofax µ allows EEG testing anywhere.

SA Instrumentation Isolated Bioamplifiers von James Long Comapany
SA Instrumentation Isolated Bioamplifiers are built to your specification, for research in EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG, SCL, SCR, FP, EP, respiration, temperature, oximetry, and somatic activity. It meets AAMI/ANSI standard ES-1, 2.1. It handles high electrode impedances because of high common-mode rejection, optical isolation, and high input impedance. LEDs indicate which channel has excessive impedance. It is expandable from 8 channels to over 512 channels.

Synamps und NuAmps von Neuroscan
Synamps is a high-end 32 channel EEG/ERP/EP amplifier. It can be combined to measure up to 256 channels. Real DC acquisition is possible as well as sample rates of up to 100 KHz/channel.
NuAmps is a very small, 40 channel DC Digital Amplifier, which only needs a USB connection to work.

Verstärker von Cambridge Electronic Design
Die Verstärker Micro1401 und Power 1401 zeichnen Wellenformdaten, digitale (Event-) und Marker-Informationen auf und können gleichzeitig Wellenform- und Digitalausgänge in Echtzeit für experimentelle Multitasking-Steuerung generieren. Sie weisen hochschnelle Wellenformerfassung mit Raten bis zu 500 kHz bei 16-Bit-Auflösung auf. Der 32-Bit RISC-Prozessor ermöglicht komplexe Online-Analyse und entlastet den Hostcomputer zur Erledigung anderer Aufgaben wie z. B. Datenmanipulation und weitere Analysen. Anwendungen sind Spike-Verarbeitung, ECG, EEG, EMG und EOG, ereigniskorrelierte Potenziale, Untersuchungen in vivo und in vitro, gastrointestinale Untersuchungen, kardiovaskuläre Untersuchungen, Tremor-Analyse, Sportphysiologie und andere.

NeurOne von Mega Electronics
NeurOne provides more speed and accuracy for EMG/EP, SEP, NCV and EEG, DC-EEG (wide band) measurements. NeurOne technology challenges traditional neurological laboratory systems with multichannel monitoring capability, high 24-bits resolution, high speed sampling up to 80,000 Hz per channel and high precision amplifier technology utilizing the latest advances in digital signal processing. The NeurOne system is especially designed for use together with transcranial magnetic stimulators having special reduction technology to remove magnetic artefacts in short latencies. Advanced headbox design enables both AC and DC signals separately or simultaneously.

USB Biological Amplifiers von g.tec medical engineering
g.USBamp is a high-performance and high-accuracy biosignal amplifier and acquisition/processing system. It allows investigation of brain-, heart- and muscle-activity, eye movements, respiration, galvanic skin response and many other physiological and physical parameters. Due to its technical specifications and various software options, this instrument became a standard for many different fields of research, including neuropsychology, life science, medical research and biofeedback/neurofeedback/BCI research.




Aufzeichnungssoftware von Cambridge Electronic Design
Signal und Spike2 sind Windows-Programme für die schnelle sweep-basierte Datenerfassung und -analyse unter Verwendung der CED 1401 Schnittstellen-Familie.

Data Collection Systems von UFI
UFI offers a wide range of economical PC based data collection solutions.

Digitize von A. Jones
The digitize program converts analog input into digital values, potentially marked with digital codes, to create a raw and log file used for analysis of ERP data.

EEG Analysis System and ERP Analysis System von James Long Company
The system acquires continuous EEG and ERP data and displays data being acquired in real-time. It automatically regresses out eye blink artifact and detects eye movement and muscle tension artifacts. It epochs any way you want. It transforms the data to any new reference voltage. It analyzes evoked potential data and calculates average.

Net Station von Electrical Geodesics (EGI)
Net Station is a powerful and extensible acquisition and analysis environment for use with the Net Amps and Geodesic Sensor Net. Written from the ground up to work with dense-array EEG, it features real-time manipulation and collection of a continuous 256-, 128-, or 64- channel data stream. The design features simple and intuitive interfaces while maintaining flexibility and power. The three main components are Acquisition, Review, and Analysis.

Recorder von Brain Products
BrainVision Recorder is a companion product to the BrainVision Analyzer EEG and ERP analysis program, designed to give you maximum ease of use, flexibility of configuration and data visualization. It acquires and visualizes up to 256 channels of continuous or event triggered EEG data together with predefined and free annotations as well as stimulus, response and event markers, making BrainVision Recorder an extremely powerful tool for EEG/ERP research.

Scan und ESI von Neuroscan
SCAN is more than just an EEG system -- it is a software laboratory suitable for a wide variety of electrophysiological experiments. Of course, SCAN can be used for EEG, but it also offers special features for EP’s such as the auditory brainstem response (ABR), event-related potentials (ERP), electromyography (EMG), movement-related potentials, and many other types of electrophysiological measurements.
ESI is a powerful and flexible system for measurement and analysis of high-resolution electroencephalography (EEG), evoked potential (EP) and event-related potential (ERP) signals. The system builds upon the foundation of a number of advanced components designed and built by Neuroscan Labs specifically for EEG/EP research applications



Brain Cap von Brain Products
The BrainCap electrode cap sintered with Ag/AgCl ring electrodes, speeds up preparations for the recording. It is available in two models: the standard model with safety socket connectors and an MRI version with a multiple connector.

EEG-Zubehör von GVB-Gelimed
Bei GVB-Gelimed finden Sie EEG-Hauben, Elektroden, Impedanzmessgeräte und sonstiges Zubehör.

EasyCap von Falk Minow Services (FMS)
EasyCap offers electrode arrangements of multiple 10%-based or equidistant montages for 32, 64, 96 or 128 channels or completely new arrangements. Every EasyCap is made individually.

Electro-Cap International
Electro-Cap bieter verschiedene Elektrodenhauben und entsprechendes Zubehör an.

Electro-Cap International Electrode System von James Long Company
Electro-Cap International Electrode System is available only to bioamp purchasers. It is available with any number of electrodes.

Electrodes and Impedance Meter von UFI
UFI has electrodes to meet most physiological requirements. UFI offers two "time saver" electrode contact impedance checking instruments.

Elpos/Elguide von Zebris Medizintechnik
Elpos/Elguide wurde dazu entwickelt, um die bisherigen aufwendigen und zumeist ungenauen Methoden zur Bestimmung von EEG-Elektrodenpositionen durch ein einfaches, hochpräzises Verfahren zu ersetzen.

Fastrak und Patriot 3D Digitizer von Polhemus
The Fastrak 3D Digitizer is the most accurate electromagnetic tracking system available, and it is the perfect solution for localization of electrodes and head landmarks in preparation for the coregistration of EEG with MRI or other anatomical imaging modalities.
The Patriot 3D Digitizer is an inexpensive electromagnetic 3D digitization system. It is a perfect solution for localization of electrodes and head landmarks in preparation for the coregistration of EEG with MRI or other anatomical imaging modalities.

Geodesic Sensor Net und Sonstiges von Electrical Geodesics (EGI)
The Geodesic Sensor Net (GSN) creates a dense sensor array in which a single inter-sensor distance is approximated between all pairs of sensor in the array. This property is provided by it's patented geodesic tension network. Because simple tension lines must be straight rather than curved along a spherical surface, the geodesics (the shortest distance between two points on the surface of a sphere) form a network of triangles approximating the spherical surface. This geodesic structure allows for a network of sensors to automatically adjust the spatial location of each sensor (on any head) until a single distance spans all pairs. In addition to optimizing the spatial distribution of the sensor array, the GSN solves a number of practical problems associated with dense-array recordings. Because the tension is distributed across many sensor pedestals, there is no impairment in skin circulation, and the Net can be worn comfortably for hours. The patented design of the foot or scalp end of the sensor pedestal is flared, causing the pedestal to lift and rake the hair as it is moved against the head. This produces a self-seating action, so that the pedestal sponge and its electrolyte are inserted below the hair, directly against the scalp.

Locator von Source Signal Imaging
Locator allows you to measure accurately electrode locations and external head shape in 3 dimensions.

MagLink, Quik-Caps, Elektroden und Sonstiges von Neuroscan
The MagLink system is for integrated EEG and ERP recordings inside the fMRI. This second-generation system improves on the original Opti-Link system by increasing the bandwidth and eliminated the pre-amplifier and optical coupling. The passive MagLink system provides the ability to record during the pulse sequence without compromising the raw EEG data.
Quik-Cap is a new electrode cap system with more patient comfort, due to softer electrode holders and a smarter chinstrap. Leads are on the outside so they can not get in the way. And the more flexible material ensures a good fit on all head sizes.

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