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fORP und fiber optic joysticks von Current Designs
The Fiber Optic Response Pad System (fORP) is the complete solution for patient response in the MR environment. There is no metal and nothing electronic in the MR room.
The fiber optic joystick is a fiber-optic based device. It is completely non-metallic and non-electronic. It is intended for use in MRI, MEG or other environments where metal or electronics could hinder data acquisition, degrade image quality, or pose safety risks.

Lumina und RB Series von Cedrus
Lumina is an fMRI-compatible response device that can be used in a variety of MRI scanners and with a variety of different stimulation programs.
The RB Series models measure the participant's reaction time in hardware and provide additional timing facilities for the stimulus presentation program.

LumiTouch von Photon Control
LumiTouch is an optical response keypad for MRI applications. It employs unique fiber-optic switching technology and is fabricated entirely from non-metallic materials.

ResponseGrip von NordicNeuroLab
The ResponseGrip is an MR and MEG-compatible subject response collection system developed for both clinical and research users.

Response Boxes von Cambridge Research Systems


FOMRI microphone von Optoacoustics
The Fiber Optical MRI (FOMRI) microphone from Optocacoustics is a noise-cancelling microphone for advanced MRI environments. The FOMRI microphone provides low-latency adaptive noise cancelling, has the ability to synchronize speech in real time with TTL signal outputs. It has a frequency range of 50-20,000 Hz, a dynamic range of 100 dB, and four selectable noise reduction modes of up to 40 dB.


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