Angle-Meter NT von Primelec
The Angle-Meter NT is the new generation of our scleral search coil systems for the linear detection of 3D angular movements. The system was developed in cooperation with the Vestibulo-Oculomotor Laboratory Zurich. Its high accuracy and bandwidth ensures effortless recording of horizontal, vertical and torsional eye and head movements of unrestrained laboratory animals.

DPI Eyetracker von Fourward Technologies
The Dual-Purkinje-Image (DPI) Eyetracker is a solidly engineered product which provides a dependable, accurate, and proven eye movement tracking device. It determines the direction of gaze over a large, two-dimensional visual field with great accuracy and without attachments to the eye.

Eye Trackers und vsgEyetrace von Cambridge Research Systems
Cambridge Research Systems offers various eye tracker systems: EyeSense EOG amplifier, Eyetracker Toolbox video eye tracker, MR-Eyetracker limbus tracker for oculomotor functional brain imaging research, Skalar IRIS IR Light Eye Tracker limbus tracker for oculomotor research.
vsgEyetrace is a low-cost oculomotor research tool for use with Cambridge Research System's visual stimulus generators. It integrates a VSG system with virtually any analog eye tracker to provide a combined data acquisition and visual stimulator system on just one PC.

Eye and Head Tracking Systems von Applied Science Laboratories
Applied Science Laboratories provides eye and head tracking technology and systems. ASL systems are used worldwide in such diverse fields as human factors and ergonomics, marketing research, psychology and cognition, and education and training.

Eye and Target Tracking Equipment von ISCAN
ISCAN provides video based eye and target tracking equipment for use in diverse applications by corporations, universities and research laboratories worldwide.

EyeLink von SR Research
SR Research offers head mounted and head fixed eye tracker systems for humans and non-humans.

Eyegaze Analysis System und EyeFollower von Interactive-Minds
The Eyegaze Analysis System is an instrument for measuring, recording, playing back, and analyzing what a person is doing with his eyes. It is used for both developing and running custom eyetracking applications and includes all the basic video equipment, computer hardware, and Eyegaze software and C/C++ development libraries necessary to build and run eyetracking application programs.

FaceLAB von Seeing Machines
FaceLAB analyses head pose and eye behavior, in environments way beyond the laboratory. With faceLAB's easy setup, you are free to get what you really need - the most naturalistic data from your subject, experiment or application - in real-time. No wires, no magnets and no helmet. FaceLAB provides a robust and flexible stereo-vision solution for research into driver fatigue, distraction, human workload management systems and intelligent vehicle applications.

MangoldVision Eye Tracker von Mangold International
Mit dem MangoldVision Eye Tracker können Sie Blickverlaufstudien nahezu überall durchführen! Stecken Sie den MangoldVision Eye Tracker in die Tasche und führen Sie Blickverlaufstudien an beliebigen Orten durch. Oder stellen Sie den MangoldVision Eye Tracker als stationäres Blickerfassungssystem in Ihr Labor.

Quick Glance von Eye Tech Digital Systems
Quick Glance is an eye gaze tracker for computer access. It is a mouse replacement device designed for Microsoft Windows 98/XP. It allows the user to place the mouse pointer anywhere on the screen simply by looking at the desired location. "Clicking" can be done with an eye blink, a hardware switch, or by staring (dwell).

SSC, IRIS und Chronus von Skalar Medical
The principle of the scleral search coil technique is based upon the magnetic induction of a small coil. The induction coil is embedded in a flexible ring of silicone rubber which adheres to the limbus of the human eye concentric with the cornea. Around the head of the subject an alternating horizontal and vertical magnetic field (spatially and temporally in quadrature) is generated and consequently an alternating voltage will be induced in the coil. After amplification and phase-locked detection two analog voltages are obtained which are proportional to the sine of the horizontal and vertical eye position. This technique is used for physiological research of the oculomotor system in man and animals. Its high accuracy and bandwidth guarantees effortless recording of not only saccades, smooth pursuit, vergence, vestibular and optokinetic eye movements but also of miniature eye movements: tremor, drift and microsaccades. Applications include neuro-physiological, reading, psychological, psychiatric and visual studies.
The IRIS eye-tracker was originally designed for clinical oculomotor diagnosis in humans. However, its high accuracy and large bandwidth allow fundamental studies very well. Not only saccades, pursuit, vergence and vestibular and optokinetic eye movements are easy to detect, but miniature eye movements, like square wave jerks, tremor, drift and microsaccades are also detectable. Applications include neuro-physiological and ORL/ENT diagnosis, reading, psychological, neurological, psychiatric and visual studies. See references for our comprehensive list of published articles.
The Chronos Eye Tracker represents a new generation in image-based eye movement measurement technology, based on programmable CMOS image sensors interfaced directly to digital processing circuitry.

Tobii Eye Trackers von Tobii Technology
The Tobii 1750 is integrated into a 17” TFT monitor. It is ideal for all forms of eye-tracking studies with stimuli that can be presented on a monitor, such as web-sites, slide-shows, videos and text.
Tobii x50 can be attached to any other monitor or used to perform eye-tracking relative to a physical scene, a TV or a projection screen.

View Point Eye Tracker von Arrington Research
The ViewPoint EyeTracker is used in laboratories across the world and is widely known as the most affordable, best value and most user friendly 60 Hz eye tracker available.

VisionTrak von Polhemus
VisionTrak is the world's most advanced eye-tracking system, giving you the power to track precisely what a person is looking at. Available in head-mounted and desktop versions, VisionTrak collects pupil size, eye movement and eye point of regard data, recording in real time without restricting head movement. Maximize your vision tracking and analysis capabilities with VisionTrak.

iView und MEyeTrack von SensoMotoric Instruments
The iView X system is an advanced video-based eye tracking system that combines flexibility in experiment design with easy setup and operation, reliable data recording, and efficient analysis to both simplify and advance your eye tracking research.
MEyeTrack brings cutting edge eye tracking technology based on SMI’s iView X into the demanding fMRI environment.

Körper- und Objektbewegung

3D Navigator, Flock of Birds und andere von Ascension Technology
3D Navigator features Advanced DC Magnetic Technology for linking people with graphical datasets: Highly accurate six degrees-of-freedom tracking of a user's head and 3D pointer, ergonomically designed wireless interface seamlessly integrated with visualization systems, full freedom of movement without trailing cables, quick set up, portable and easy to use.
The Flock can be configured to track from one to four sensors simultaneously with one or more RS-232 interfaces to a host computer. Long range coverage is easily added by "clicking in" our Extended-Range Transmitter (ERT/ERC). It allows head/hand/instrument/body tracking.

Aurora, Optotrak Certus und Polaris von Northern Digital
The Aurora System calculates the positions and orientation of tools using an innovative electromagnetic measurement technology.
Optotrak is a spatial measurement system used in industries, universities and research institutions around the world. Incorporating specialized sensor technology and sophisticated optics design, the Optotrak Certus delivers superior performance in 3D tracking and measurement.
The Polaris System determines real-time position and orientation by measuring the 3D positions of markers affixed to both wired and wireless tools. The NDI family of renowned real-time 3D measurement systems continues a tradition of precise, accurate and versatile technology.

Bewegungsanalyse von Zebris Medizintechnik
Das Messverfahren der 3D-Bewegungsanalyse-Messsysteme basiert auf der Laufzeitmessung von Ultraschallimpulsen, die von Miniatursendern (Markern) zu den drei im Kompaktgerät eingebauten Mikrofonen abgegeben werden.

Fastrak von Polhemus
The Fastrak 3D Digitizer is the most accurate electromagnetic tracking system available. Use it for head, hand and instrument tracking, biomechanical analysis, graphics and cursor control, digitizing and pointing, stereotaxic localization, telerobotics and more.

Kraftmesser und Beschleunigungsmesser von Kistler
In der Kraftmessung findet der piezoelektrische Effekt unmittelbar Anwendung. Das Quarz Sensorelement erzeugt ein Messsignal proportional der Kraft. Je nach Grösse, Form und Art des Quarzes lassen sich Sensoren für kleine und große Kräfte oder für ein- und mehrere Kraft-Komponenten bauen. In etwas abgewandter Form können auch Drehmomente oder Dehnungen direkt gemessen werden.
Kistler Beschleunigungssensoren eignen sich auch für extreme Messanforderungen. Auch Miniaturausführungen für minimale Massebelastungen erzeugen ein signifikantes Signal. Zum Testen von Bewegungen mit kleinster Amplitude bis zum Stillstand, stehen Sensortypen mit hoher Empfindlichkeit zur Verfügung. Für die meisten Anwendungen gibt es optimierte Sensortypen, aber auch kundenspezifische Lösungen sind jederzeit möglich.

MotionMonitor von Innovative Sports Training
The MotionMonitor is a real-time 3D motion capture system designed for use in medical research; physical therapy clinics; sports medicine labs; motor control, balance, neurological, and gait studies; golf, tennis and baseball instruction: and, other situations where precise measurements of the body and its movement through time are required.

Precision Position Tracker (PPT) von WorldViz
The PPT motion capture system is a high-quality optical tracking system over very large ranges (more than 10 x 10 meters) at an affordable price. As a real-time system, the PPT is an ideal solution for real-time applications such as Virtual Reality.


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